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"Writing is easy. All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead."
-Gene Fowler

06.12.2008 Happy 69th, Uncle Miltie by Eldon Vern Chittick
06.01.2008 Kathy by Eldon Vern Chittick
03.17.2008 The Evil Leprauchan by Kyle Chittick
09.18.2004 Milton Klein, Esq | Upon His Retirement by Eldon Chittick
05.25.2004 Retirement Can Be a Painless Extraction by Eldon Chittick
01.09.2004 What Exactly is a Puffer Fish? by Kyle Chittick
05.22.2003 Shawna's 33rd Birthday by Eldon Chittick
03.08.2003 Sharla's 37th Birthday by Eldon Chittick
01.10.2003 Denny Jeff's 35th Birthday by Eldon Chittick
12.12.2002 Jimmy at 41 by Eldon Chittick
10.16.2002 Egan's 32nd Birthday by Eldon Chittick
10.15.2002 Bradley's 32nd Birthday by Eldon Chittick
09.16.2002 Happy 2nd Anniversary by Eldon Chittick
09.11.2002 Sager's Seven by Eldon Chittick
09.09.2002 Seven Year Itch by Eldon Chittick
06.14.2002 Ranasha by Eldon Chittick
05.19.2002 Ally Qooo's 3rd Birthday by Eldon Chittick
05.12.2002 Happy Mother's Day 2002 by Eldon Chittick
05.05.2002 Quilene's 28th Birthday by Eldon Chittick
04.25.2002 For Thaden Bradley Heuer by Eldon Chittick
04.21.2002 Thanks... I think? by Eldon Chittick
04.18.2002 Our 40th by Eldon Chittick
04.2000 The Man From Corvallis by Eldon Chittick

Short Stories:

07.29.2008 Ask and She Shall Receive' by Kyle Chittick
07.22.2008 Wedding 'Shells' by Kyle Chittick
07.05.2008 An Even Trade by Kyle Chittick
06.10.2008 The Zoo by Kyle Chittick
05.22.2008 Hangover Morning by Kyle Chittick
04.30.2008 I Hate it When The Power Goes Out by Kyle Chittick
01.30.1986 My Leafy Perch by Kyle Chittick
03.1984 The Document by Kyle Chittick

07.11.2008 Quietly Peeping by Kyle Chittick
06.27.2008 Lost in Translation by Kyle Chittick
06.15.2008 I'm in my 40's now by Kyle Chittick
06.12.2008 Over Promise, Under Deliver by Kyle Chittick
06.05.2008 Arden Boone by Kyle Chittick
06.01.2008 The Apathetic Sea by Kyle Chittick
05.14.2008 Impetuous Newbie by Kyle Chittick
05.09.2008 Missing My Sister by Kyle Chittick
05.05.2008 Shadow by Kyle Chittick
02.15.2003 The Captain by Kyle Chittick
01.30.2003 Lauren by Kyle Chittick
06.1983 The Unclimbable Tree of Bainbridge High by Kyle Chittick

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