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library: fiction

The Captain
Author: Kyle Chittick
Date: 02.15.2003

The seas are bursting with violence and might,
the boat is tossed up and down, from left to right,

The captain stares forward, searching the horizon,
the storm is all encompassing, no sign of the sun,

A mate rushes into the wheelhouse, gasping for breath
running at the mouth, scared and assured of his impending death

"Silence" roars the captain, "All will be fine",
"Go back down below, and tell the men to have some wine!"

The mate looked doubtful, then arose at the sight,
of the captain's bright gaze which wavered not a slight,

He returned to his duties, now fully assure
that his thoughts of doom were both ridiculous and premature

They believed in their captain, and his air of aplomb
as their fate was his, when all was said and done

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