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library: fiction

Ally Qooo
Author: Eldon Vern Chittick
Date: 05.19.2002

There once was a girl named Alicia,
Who, at three, was tough as a nail.
She smashed, bashed, and trashed her bod
With nary a tear, whine, or wail.

She insisted to do things her way,
When challenged, her answer was "NO".
She pouted and pleaded, til her mom had conceded,
Then dad stepped in and said "Whoa".

She was thrilled with the coming of brother,
Although she first frowned at her mother.
Soon she responded, yet later absconded
With Thad's toys, one thing and another.

The future knows how, despite this type row,
That Ally will love her young sib.
Yet, til that time's here, we need have no fear,
She still wears pullups, and a bib.

Happy Birthday, Ally Qoo
Age 3 in 02
I love You

- Papa Chittick May 19, 2002


Alicia Quilene Heuer's 3rd Birthday.

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