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library: fiction

Author: Kyle Chittick
Date: 01.30.2003

Oh Lauren so fair,
she with the blonde hair
What can she be doing,
you ask as she is moving
She's likely to be meandering,
to give Xander some pandering
Her handsome young son,
who became her one, her sun

Her smile will stop your heart,
and make you hollow, when you're apart
A kind gaze warms her exterior,
Not too forget, a nice posterior :-)
Confidence, she does exude,
To the weak, she can be mistaken for rude
Honesty, integrity, and frankness of speech,
Stand back, and allow her to preach!

A catch, you might say,
And you'd be right any day
The trick is getting her to stand still,
Without ingesting a potion or popping a pill
When you figure it out, please allow me the info,
Although, if I knew the secret, I doubt I'd let you know!

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