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Sharla's 37th
Author: Eldon Vern Chittick
Date: 03.08.2003

Our first born, wow! What a spectacular thing
Despite me losing your mom's heirloom ring
And failing my first major doctoral test
It seemed not to matter that much, cause I guess
Your birth was much bigger than all of the rest.

Then, as you grew and beautifully blossomed
Developing those skills we proudly so "awesomed",
We never could fathom and always with sorrow.
We struggled to grasp why you tended to "Borrow"
Those items you skillfully snatched from the stores.
Til one day we realized your need to fit in
Caused you to risk it all to just win
Those friendships that seemed so important back then.

But after your fingers were printed and stored,
And you sat in that cage til dad came to record
His signature freeing you so you could go home
You quickly announced you wanted it known
That you had been taught a lesson for good
And promised to stop and do what you should.

Then from that point on we saw a good change
As you began to show skill in a positive range
Of activities and talents that competed with many
Accept, of course, your relations with Denny.
But, as the years passed, we can see that, at last,
Your anger and dislikes are things of the past.

After your college, which you didn't like ending
You started to work (to offset your spending)
Then unfortunate conditions, which seemed to be "worst"
Provided a chance (again) to be "first"
As you gave us a boy, appropriately named "Sage"
Who dazzles and frazzles, too smart for his age.

Then gradually you found your calling to teach
The students you cherish and bless with your care
And hope that they learn and absorb, not despair
That their lives and their futures will be more secure
If they learn about history, that is for sure.

Then into the picture came Jimmy (The Greek ??)
Whose music and tech skills matched, so to speak.
You both found a common dimension it seems
For playing the softball game with some teams
But far and above all these extras you share
The one thing that stands out is love for the "rage"
That clever and sharp little toe-headed "Sage".

So Happy Birthday, your 37th big day
We're proud as we can be of you, and to say
That we love and respect what you have become
A special "blonde", and we know you're not dumb.

Love - Dad & Popa


For Sharla (Chittick) Trainor's 37th birthday.

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