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library: fiction

Happy 2nd Anniversary
Author: Eldon Vern Chittick
Date: 09.16.2002

Ebony and Ivory
To some produces rivalry
But with you two
Is something rare
A healthy, happy, balanced pair.

Ranasha's hot and Denny's not,
But she's got more to show.
He's got spunk, but in a funk,
He worries how to grow
His business, portfolio,
And their first new house.

To fill this place,
You'll have to pace
Your work, your time, your exercise.

With two years past
We say "at last",
It's time to make a plan.
We hope for you, and all us too,
You'll start your hybrid clan.

"Happy #2, I love you." - Papa C.


For son Denny Jeff and daughter-in-law Ranasha Dawn (Howze) Chittick's 2nd wedding anniversary.

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