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library: fiction

Author: Eldon Vern Chittick
Date: 5.22.2003

Rah, rah, rah, for Shaw-na-na
The numbers gal with the hiss-boom-bah.
She’s nimble, she’s quick,
She’s good with the stick.
But, where’s the old organized kid?
Shawna, you ain’t doin what you used to did!

She works part-time with the company’s numbers,
She wrestles her tykes, then cherishes her slumbers.
Yet, when time comes for a specific time-table,
She arrives a bit late, or explains she’s not able
To keep to a slate on which others rely,
Cause there’s .."no way in hell to be prompt on the fly".

So, guess we must change our ‘spectations of you,
And get used to the new style of things that you do.
But, now that you’re older… God !!….33 !!
It sure becomes easy to actually see
That as we mature, as you have, sweet pea,
The things that once were important and vital,
Are things that we did when we were quite idle.

So enjoy your new style, with it’s joys and some strife,
And we’ll all soon adjust to your chosen new life.
But don’t be surprised, cause none of us wanta,
When someone complains…’now where the hell’s Shawna ?’.

Happy 33rd, Shawna-na

Love, Dad 5-22-2003

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