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library: fiction

Quietly Peeping
Author: Kyle Chittick
Date: 07.11.2008

I checked on you when you were sleeping
Held my breath, while quietly creeping
Your face, a vision, gave me pause
So perfect, so lovely, without flaws

Bending, I give your brow a kiss
Gently, to ensure nothing's amiss
I pull down the blanket, cover your toes
I feel so lucky, and I believe it shows

I found an angel, disguised as a witch
She knows just how, to scratch my itch
I search for a key, to unlock her cage
Which smells of lilac, hints of sage

My great friend means so much to me
A true 'bright spirit', everyone can see
Yet, she never stops, to get enough sleep
So I'm ever silent, while I peep.

A teasing romantic tribute for a new friend at Her nick name is Angel Witch.

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