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Happy 69th, Uncle Miltie
Author: Eldon Chittick
Date: 06.12.2008

There once was a guy named Milt,
Whose complexion looked quite like a quilt.
His goal was to make money,
But his wife said ..”no, honey,
Let’s work on you looking more svelte.”

Milt tried to lose weight, by riding horse Kate,
At speeds that would frighten a bat.
But after a trial, that lasted awhile,
He found he’d gained pounds,
Not lost fat.

So, then he tried Chew, while smoking some, too,
But, found he was loosing his teeth.
Pissed off and discouraged,
Yet, wife, Mick, not worried
Said..” focus on what was beneath.”

So, Milt settled on yoga and trying to pray,
While working long hours for each stressful day.
And in doing as such, he learned a whole bunch,
And announced he’d discovered the key.

He gathered his clan, revealing his plan,
Explaining how simple, they’d see…
Uncle Miltie described,
How he daily imbibed
In sushi, saki, and the requisite pee.


This is what happens when a retired younger friend has his creative juices flowing, while attempting to encourage his aging friend to keep his chin (and other vital organs) up. This is done with love and compassion for my declining older friend and partner. Happy 69th “Old Buddie”. Eldon

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