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Bradley's 32nd Birthday
Author: Eldon Vern Chittick
Date: 10.15.2002

Today's your day, it's time to play.
Enjoy yourself with what you do,
And ignore the guys who like to say
"You're getting older, you're one-third through...
And watch your belt line, or you'll pay,
Should spend your time with Mountain Dew."

So, happy birthday, son-in-law,
It only just gets tougher.
We also know it rubs you raw
So you're gonna have to get rougher.

When you hear... "Hey Brown", at work all day,
It simply drives you nuts.
So here's a thought bout what to say,
To put them on their butts.

Just smile and tell them.... "Yes, I'm Brown,
But not your slave and not a clown.
If you'd try to do my job,
I think you'd find you're just a slob,
Cause when you climb those stairs with weight,
You'd find you're body's out of shape."

Now to the kids, for whom you're proud,
We share you're joy and shout out loud.
But as we try to learn the tricks
About this German-Irish mix.
We find we've had to write new songs
Bout Stubborn Little Leprechauns.

"Happy Birthday, Brad" - Love, Papa C.


For his son-in-law, Bradley Huber, from Eldon Vern Chittick.

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