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library: fiction

Sager's Seven
Author: Eldon Vern Chittick
Date: 09.11.2002

As he reaches his seventh
And reads like his eleventh,
Sage wonders what's next
In his 8th grade math text.

He throws like a man,
And hits with a bam!!
He catches with ease,
Betting Dad's tease,
That with any good luck
He'll earn a quick buck.

But despite this boys skills
And his obvious smarts
Papa can still win
In a quick game of darts.

So do not despair
There's no need for alarm.
Sage is just seven
With a young boys cute charm

He'll still grow and mature
And somewhere down the line
Emotions and brains
Will join in due time.

- I Love You Sage, Happy Birthday. Papa Chittick


For Sage Boone Chittick's 7th Birthday.

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