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library: fiction

Happy Mother's Day
Author: Eldon Vern Chittick
Date: 05.12.2002

I couldn't find a card
From husband to a wife,
So this little ditty
Will have to suffice.

I understand that, really,
You're not my actual mother,
But I feel a sense of gratitude
That I didn't marry my brother.

So when I take a look upon
Our gorgeous little clan,
I thrill to see the products of
What you have done with "Sam".

And, as I view the efforts
Of the many others,
I'm quick to realize
That few are better mothers.

Happy Mothers Day
I love You..... Papa, Sam, Skat and Eldon...... 5-12-2002


To Carlene Freda (Gorman) Chittick, on Mothers Day 2002, from her husband Eldon Vern Chittick.

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