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library: fiction

Author: Eldon Vern Chittick
Date: 06.14.2002

I now must assume
That your reluctant new groom
Tried to add to your rhyme.
But, of course, he excused
Himself with the ruse
That he had not the adequate time.

Well, I'm still satisfied
That he actually lied,
Cause he seldom can find the right words.
So, what I received
Was easily believed,
Cause his bride isn't one of the nerds.

Thank God, Denny married
A doll with a gift
For words and appropriate sayings.
It's nice that his wife,
Who will share his whole life,
Has both beauty and articulate brains.

Thanks guys. I'll enjoy my new pen as I create new limericks for fun. How's the house plans coming? Ready to start digging the foundation?

- Love Dad

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