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library: fiction

I'm in my 40's now
Author: Kyle Chittick
Date: 06.15.2008

I'm in my 40's now,
far from a young man.
I don't mind growing old,
it's all part of the plan.


Like so many minnows,
off reality's shore.
My friends seek their youth,
chase the phantom lure.

Some have moved on with ease,
at peace with their aging.
Others call at all hours,
when a party is raging.

I still like to party,
I just won't drive drunk.
Too many mailboxes,
left scars on my trunk.

I'll take a taxi home,
I'll get myself a ride,
I could just stay at home,
with no harm to my pride.

They drink and drink again,
sometimes fall on the floor.
I need these reminders,
hardly ever, any more.

Don't want to defend you,
when you pick that bar fight.
Make your own excuses,
to the bouncer that night.

I still rock and roll,
just not after midnight.
Officers at my door,
aren't a beautiful sight.

Don't waste your one phone call,
begging a ride from jail.
I'm not passing a hat,
to spring for your bail.

I really don't mind,
if you say I'm lame.
My life is my own,
not some childish game.


I'm in my 40's now,
and one thing glares true.
It is time to grow up,
I'm not waiting for you.

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