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QQQQQQQQQQQQQ (Quilene's 28th Birthday)
Author: Eldon Vern Chittick
Date: 05.05.2002

There once was a cute little model
Whose parents tended to coddle

She had a real flare
To do without care
Til the parents decided to throttle

A good jock she became
With little acclaim
But fun was her aim
Not honor or fame

She cooked and she poured
What her patrons adored
Her tables were always well served

Not a hawk but a dove
Twas her smile and her love
That won her the gold
From both younguns and old

For she has no complaints
About devils or saints
As her goal in real life
To avoid pain and strife
Is to do unto those
What everyone knows
Is to be a good friend and great wife

Now as she grows older
She's become a bit bolder
About calling a spade a damn shovel
Yet when she's confronted
I've heard, as she's grunted...
"I'm happier inside my bubble"

My dream is that you
Continue to do
What brings joy, fun and laughter

Cause what you've become
Is what others (at least some)
Have decided they also are after.

- "Happy Birthday, my 'little one'", I love you, Dad.

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