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library: fiction

Jimmy at 41
Author: Eldon Vern Chittick
Date: 12.12.2002

In the interest of brevity
I'll skip all the levity
Cause Jimmy can't stand this baloney.

Though he's becoming more aged,
He's also more "saged",
As he studies more ways to make money.

We're aware of Jim's music career,
But we see his resolve is severe
To leave that behind and focus his mind
On building more wealth with his brain.

So here's to your neurology,
And we hope this psychology
Is as good as your six-string success.

But should you fall flat
(going broke and all that)
We want you to know that, for real,

No matter what's said,
Shouldn't go to your head,
Cause Sage thinks you're the REAL DEAL.

Love - Papa Chittick


Jimmy Trainor's 41st Birthday, Eldon's son-in-law.

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