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What exactly is a Puffer fish?
Author: Kyle Chittick
Date: 01.09.2004

What exactly is a Puffer fish?
Rumor has it, down south; it’s quite the tasty dish!
Up here they are rarer and harder to define
They surface in Magnolia or California at one time

They call themselves Natasha Marie and drive Subarus,
Wearing fleece sweaters, sweat pants or pink Underoos.
Catch one while it’s crafting its wares on a glass torch
If you don’t find one there, look for one smoking on a porch

Keep track of your feet, for they often have varmints as pets
They’re crafty little devils, always making a mess – generating stress
Of course the critters are also cute, of that you can be sure
Their job is to distract you from your search for the majestic Puffer

Once the secret is out, everyone will want one
For the Puffer is sweet, soulful and second to none
They have big hearts, full with emotion and love
And search for nothing less than their own turtle dove

They may drive you a bit batty
If they yawn while you’re chatty
And if you happen to send one to the drive-through for food
Make sure they have a written list, or you’re bound to get screwed!

But all that aside, you must get to know one before too long
You don’t want to miss out on hearing its song
Make sure when you find one, you give it a hug and a kiss
It will be an experience you definitely shouldn’t miss

I wish you well on your search, and if I appear a bit smug,
It’s only cuz I found one, and I’m keeping the news safe – as a bug in a rug
You’ll have to find your own, so get out and search
If you need a clue, find a store with a perch.

Happy Belated Birthday Natasha Marie Puffer!

Kyle 01/09/2004

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