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library: fiction

Author: Eldon Chittick
Date: 06.01.2008

There once was a teacher named Kathy,
with a rep to be strict, fair,
hard nosed, and contrair,
when students rebelled or were sassy.

As retirement approached,
you’d think she’d been coached
to relax and enjoy her ‘short time’.
But, as she wound down,
her friends around town
saw tension and a wee bit more wine.

So, in her last week,
the stress reached a peak.
She buckled and gave into fears
that “career ending” felt
like an upper-cut belt.
Awakened, she toasted with “Cheers”.

She’d finally guessed
what was clear to the rest,
as she stood on her deck, with a shout……
“Hey, world, I’m o.k., at home in my nest,
and accept that I’ve just been burned out.”


Congrats to a dedicated and respected teacher (and friend), who sharpened and educated minds to prepare kids for a better life and opportunities available to them, that otherwise may not have been possible. Or, as we, who know you best, describe you (behind your back, as you are uncorking another choice bottle of Chardonnay)…”a drill sergeant with heart” . Love and Peace Eldon (and the short one)

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