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Retirement Can Be a Painless Extraction
Author: Eldon Vern Chittick
Date: 5.25.2004

Herr Doctor, Herr Doctor, listen to me.
The next step you take will be great..for you'll see
That all those poor patients who cringed at the thought
Of coming to see you, when they'd prefer not,
Now pass you down town, as you nod them hello,
And say to their partners.."Who's that, do you know?"

So relax and do things, for you and your bride
That seldom, in retrospect, time would abide.
Focus on leisure, pleasure and fun,
Develop your hobbies, go for a run.
But, never forget that your golf clubs are tools
Which make it a challenge to play by the rules.
So when you yearn for the pulling of molars,
And miss the sound of a patient who hollers,
Just smile as you hit the ball that goes hooking
The opposite direction of that which you're looking,
And think of how great it is that you're 'duffing'
While trying to hit your ball from the 'roughing'.
Cause life in retirement is like the golf game,
We work very hard to master and tame,
But, often instead of awards and anointment,
We come up quite short, and feel disappointment.

What's left is to zone out and listen to 'toons'.
Space out and contemplate 'Air in Balloons'.
But rest and unwind, sleep in and slow down.
You don't want your friends to point at "that clown"
Who can't understand that his job is now done.
You're no longer pressured and 'under the gun'.
So rest and be peaceful, cease and desist.
You don't really want your wife to get pissed?!?!?!


Your retirement partner, mentor and proctor...Eldon

Written to my office bldg partner, Mark Nason, DDS, upon the occasion of his June 1, 2004 retirement.

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