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The Man From Corvalis (a tribute to Egan Steele, son-in-law)
Author: Eldon Vern Chittick
Date: 04.2000

There once was a man from Corvallis,
Who wanted to purchase a palace
For the love of his life,
Who he wanted as wife,
But he puzzled to fathom her malice.

She finally revealed
What her heart had concealed,
As she told him each hour
That his odor was sour,
That the sound of each fart
Just pushed her to part.

Yet, if he must pass
The gas in his ass,
Then she'd be contented
If they even just rented
A tent in the woods that was vented.

- "Just a flash this morning from a creative, but unstable mind." - Eldon


This was Eldon's first spontaneous limerick, written while assisting Egan Steele & Quilene (Chittick) Steele move into their first home.

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