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library: fiction

For Thaden Bradley Heuer (welcome to the family)
Author: Eldon Vern Chittick
Date: 04.25.2002

Into our world came a boy
A son, a grandson, a brother
It was for all us really easy
Except, of course, for his mother.

He came out with a holler
Like a square dancers caller,
Yet he had real hair,
Which caused us to stare,
And his dad said, "Wish he was taller".

He squirmed and he smiled
Whenever not riled,
But like a bull elk in full rut,
With the thermometer placed
In his butt
He screamed like a sacrificed child.

His daddy's sweet coos
Helped calm him to sleep
He settled right down
As he counted his sheep
And we thrilled with the sight of this boy.

We agreed his good looks
Are "one for the books"
He'll have no bad luck with a maiden.
We welcome you "Thad"
But like mom and your dad
We'll probably call you "Hey, Thaden".

- Love, Grandpa C.

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