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"What is history but a fable agreed upon."
-- Napolean Bonaparte

Christmas Letters:
Catch up with various branches of the Chittick family; what they're up to now, and what has happened in the past.
2004 Eldon & Carlene (Gorman) Chittick
2003 Brad & Shawna (Chittick) Heuer
2003 Eldon & Carlene (Gorman) Chittick
2003 Denny & Ranasha (Howze) Chittick
2002 Brad & Shawna (Chittick) Heuer
2002 Denny & Ranasha (Howze) Chittick
2002 Kyle Chittick
2001 Denny & Ranasha (Howze) Chittick
2001 Eldon & Carlene (Gorman) Chittick
1999 Maude Ellen (George) Chittick
1999 Eldon & Carlene (Gorman) Chittick
1998 Maude Ellen (George) Chittick
1997 Maude Ellen (George) Chittick
1994 Maude Ellen (George) Chittick
1994 Enid Mildred (George) Tripp

Historical Recountings:
Various historical, factual stories from the past regarding chittick's and their kin.
1898 My Trip in a Covered Wagon by Lydia (Sanders) George
1890 History of William Gervais Chittick by Erminda (Chittick)
  Rentoul, Belfast, Ireland. -- This is a fantastic document.
1800 The History of the Sword; Fermangh, Ireland by Charles M.
  Stack D.D. (Bishop)
1687 The Battle of Boyne, England by Gloria Shiflett

Personal Letters:
Personal letters of interest from the past.
1895 A Poem: Chittick History by William Gervais Squire Chittick
1890 Letter to James Chittick by James Alexander Rentoul

Vacation Stories:
Keep up with the chittick's and their adventures around the globe.
1992 New Zealand Adventure by Kyle Chittick
1979 My Trip on the 'Island Princess' by Maude (George) Chittick

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