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Christmas 1999
by Eldon & Carlene Chittick

Merry Christmast and Happy New Millenium!

The clan from 25 yrs ago.
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With our first retirement year under our belts, we're happy to report that we've thrived, as well as survived. Like so many new retirees, we've discovered, our year has been so busy that we wonder how we had time to work before.

Our year started off with mom Chittick falling and breaking her hip the night before she was to fly to pennsylvania for Christmas with Arden, Nina and family. She recovered fairly well and was finally able to make it to PA this spring for 3 weeks.

We spent time in Arizona and Texas in April, renewing relationships from college that we haven't seen for 35 years, and visiting Carlene's cousins in Dallas and San Antonio. Then our #2 grandchild/first granddaughter, Alicia Quilene Heuer, was born on may 19th to Shawna and Brad. We call her Ally, or "the gerber baby", because she looks just like the baby on the old Gerber baby food jars.

Our summer was busy with visitors from Germany, Texas, and New Mexico, then Eldon's 60th birthday party in July, which was topped off by our son, Denny, shockng everyone by presenting Eldon with a new Dodge Ram 350 pickup truck. Now Eldon has a new toy and possibly a future towing device for a trailer or 5th wheel if we decide to do the snowbird/retirement thing.

We spent 2 weeks in Colorado Springs again in September to help out during hte busy season at Galapagos, a T-shirt company that Denny is part owner of. Then shortly thereafter, we spent two weeks traveling in North and South Carolina and Savanna, Georgia for the first time along with Eldon's partner and wife, Milt & Maxine Klein.

Denny continues to enjoy semi-retirement, with lots of travel and recreation time here and elsewhere. Sharla is still marketing her computer programs, but has recently been teaching part-time locally at North Idaho College and will be full time beginning in January. Sage, Sharla's son, is a very active 4-year old and can hardly wait to snowmobile with Papa, Uncle Denny and Uncle Brad. Shawna is busy but happy being a working mother while Brad continues hustling for UPS. This spring Quilene spent 7 fabulous weeks touring South Africa with two other girlfriends from Coeur D'Alene. She is still in Corvallis working and enjoying life. We went to see her and Egan twice this year.

Snowmobiling has started again and all the kids will be here for Christmas.

Love to you all,

Eldon & Carlene

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