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Christmas 1994
by Maude Ellen (George) Chittick

Arden, Enid & Maude together in 1992
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It seems only last month that I wrote 1993, but I want to say "Merry Christmas - 1994," since another year has rolled around, not without a great deal of unhappiness, turmoil and even worse throughout the world.

Here in the Pacific Northwest so far things have become quite normal. Many of our relatives, friends, and co-workers have gone on before us, leaving sadness and empty places for the rest of us. But we must carry on!

I am at son Eldon's with him and part of the family until after Thanksgiving. It has been spitting snow all day. There are more than four inches of snow now.

Carlene just came in to tell me two more deer were in the field above their house. I saw two fawns up there yesterday. There were tracks in the snow outside my bedroom window and below Eldon's house on their immense lawn - many, many tracks. They have many, many coyotes, and bobcats and at least one cougar has been sighted. Eldon put the snow blades on his truck and ran it up and down their driveway. And, he has been playing with his snowmobile, for they are going snowmobiling up in the Rocky Mountains tomorrow.

I had surgery to remove a cataract from my left eye, and I do see better, but hope for more improvement yet.

Son, Arden and Nina are going to Pennsylvania to be with daughter, Kirsten and her family over the Thanksgiving vacation. So far I guess the weather there has been better than here.

Eldon, Carlene, Sharla and I plan to go to Woodland to be with brother, Arden's family on Thanksgiving Day. Eldon has a brand new Chevy Blazer with four wheel drive and anti-lock brakes which he says should get us to Woodland okay. They will drop me off at Elva Morrison's in Clarkston for a couple of nights after that while they go to Carlene's cousins home in Joseph, Oregon.

Brother Arden and sister-in-law, Hazel, are just now doing pretty good - after multi surgeries. Arden for a heart by-pass and Hazel twice for stomach ulcers. Both are doing fine on regular prescribed medications.

Son, Arden is still with International Shipping as Vice President of Operations. His wife, Nina, does beautiful work in pottery in her spare time. Eldon is still in his own office as Family Counselor - Interfaith Family Counseling Services. Shawna, his daughter, manages the office and his wife, semi-retired from the office, does some work at home.

Grandson, Denny is still Executive Vice President of Insight Computers in Tempe, Arizona. Sharla is now Vice President of Operations for Agency One, an insurance software company, in Couer D'Alene, Idaho. Quilene is still majoring in Restaurant and Hotel Management at Washington State University, Pullman, WA.

Arden's son, Kyle, is at computer school at Shoreline Community College in Seattle. His girlfriend Terri, has good job in Seattle. Kirsten, Arden's daughter, has just finished her duty in the Air Force Reserves, and can now spend her time with baby Cody and her husband Jeff's two youngsters, Taylor and Tanner. Jeff was also in the Air Force for five years and is now a State Patrolman in Pennsylvania.
Maude with friend Elva
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Sister, Enid was very ill last summer and was finally diagnosed as a diabetic in addition to the MS. She has gained quite a bit now and is more alert. Before she was ill she sat up in her chair, and a friend and I played "Scrabble" with her - and she often won. Now she stays in bed most of the time, but the bed is adjustable and she sits up to watch TV. Twice lately we placed the Carom Board across her lap and played Scrabble on that. Enid has gained weight and we hope she will continue to gain strength.

By the time Shawna or Carlene types this letter, she will think this is enough! Shawna is also re-doing my new address book and making the mailing labels for my Christmas cards.

After a year, I think I should talk and write better, but I guess I had better be thankful for what I can do. I don't even try to drive in our traffic now. And I am thankful for all the things I can do.

I hope this finds all of you in good health and thankful for all your blessings. I wish for all of you a good Christmas and even better things in the New Year.

Love Maude

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