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Happy Holidays 2002
by Kyle Chittick

Happy Holidays 2002

2002 Kyle w/ Uncle Peter & Aunt Aase Sorensen
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Well, hello all. I've seen these crazy holiday letters arrive sporadically, throughout my life, around this time of year and I thought I'd take a crack at my own. Join the party, so to speak. It's not too late though, you don't have to read the rest... Stop now, and save yourself the anxiety!

Ok, so you chose to continue. I appreciate your sense of adventure! Enough drama, especially with so little reward! :-)

2002 was a wild year for me. I suppose there are multitudes of people for whom that would seem ridiculous, them having so many more "wild" things to qualify that statement. But, for me, a strange one nonetheless.

I'll do my best to summarize (don't bet on it), for your enjoyment and attentiveness.


I started the year off by coming to grips with an "anxiety" problem I had been having for well... a couple years really. I've always been a tad high-strung, but things had gone far beyond that for me -- and I'd hid it as long as I could (dummy).

So, I went to see a therapist, and started on some of those medications ("meds", for us pill-poppers) that you see on TV nowadays like Paxil, and Zoloft. The anxiety, or rather, panic attacks, that I was experiencing vanished -- which was great, as you can only imagine (hopefully). The problem was, the side-effects were almost worse for me. I was losing weight, not sleeping, and I was shaky. Basically, it was a lot like I was strung out on heroin or something (hey now... I've only seen movies).

It was great for losing a few pounds, but then it got silly. Not Kate Moss or anything similar to an eating disorder -- but things were certainly not acceptable. It was like, and sometimes is still like, my metabolism kicked up a few gears. Hey, I can eat whatever I want again! But still....

I decided to go it without the meds, and all has been good since. There are moments of anxiety, to be sure. And they are certainly accentuated more now, due to my past 'panics', but things are much better, and I'm on the right track now.

I will say that over the last few years, it has been harder for me to be in public places, or crowded situations and the like, due to this anxiety. I certainly became much more withdrawn, although not depressed, more ... well, withdrawn. Hey, if I've dogged your party, or your gathering... it's possible, this helped me make that decision.

Only for not getting help sooner, am I ashamed. If you or someone you know is having "issues" -- try and encourage an objective professional opinion. Let's all I'll say about that.


I also was another nameless, faceless victim of Bush's economy, the high-tech crash, and a narrow business focus. I was let-go (voluntarily) from my position at the Jathai group, although I remain an owner with the company. It's a long story, and this e-mail is already too long -- so let's just say it was time. My "anxiety", the economy, a tumultuous relationship with my boss... all of these helped make the situation too acute.

I had a wonderful time working with some really awesome talents, and kind, caring people while working there, and I continue many of the relationships outside of the office. A special note to some of you, is that I had the privilege with working with Craig Peterson... my long time friend (oh.. 25 years or so now). We brought each other grief, laughs, passion, and pain to be sure. It's hard working' with your friend, but I wouldn't trade it.

I've gone on to start a small business, in conjunction with my old company as backers. I'll certainly keep you all apprised of that situation, as you may be able to pass leads my way -- and make an easy commission, yourselves. Hey, ya never know. It is called One Step Sales, and you will hear more about it from me soon! The premise is that we will put a business online, and sell their goods for me, for no capital -- only commission.

I've got a few more side projects kicking' around, that may or may not surface, depending. If you have a crackpot idea, and you think I can help, DO NOT HESITATE to contact me.


Relationship wise, I still suck. :-) Yes, I know -- positive thinking! I really am just fine being single at 35, but would certainly welcome settling down. I went through a couple more relationships in 2002, and well ... I'm still single, so 'nuff said. It's ok, ya know! Really, Mom, it is... :-). I always look forward to meeting the next ex, so hook me up!


What else:
We had a softball team this year for work and boy did we stink. Men had to bat off-hand, and you should try hitting for power like that! Ouch. It was great fun though.

I moved this year for the first time in 4 years and it was still too soon. I hate moving. Probably will move at least once in 2003, as things develop.

As usual, I am playing Fantasy sports, with a passion, and also with mixed results. It's certainly a hobby I enjoy, and encourage for any sports fans. If you have a league, and you need a player, don't hesitate to contact me.

Oh yah, I bought an electric guitar. Now, we'll see if I can learn how to do more that just annoy the neighbors... coming along very slowly folks... (sigh), but it's fun, and doesn't involve a "mouse".


Find me on the Web:
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This is my family, genealogy Web site, that myself and my cousin Denny Chittick work constantly on. Thanks Denny! Hundreds of hours have gone into this ever-growing archive.
This is my resume site. Pass it around, or go check it out for fun!
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This is the company, I still own part of, and fully support! If you have serious business Web needs, you don't have to look elsewhere.


Surely I have managed to either; be a decent friend, a human being, an instigator at times, an ass at times, hopefully a smidgen of a comedian (albeit sarcastic), and a passionate fool too boot -- to all of you whom are receiving this message. I want to say; you're welcome, see!, yup I can be, I do apologize, made ya laugh -- and "I can't help it!" -- in order.

Some of you, I haven't seen or perhaps even chatted with in a very long time. Some probably would say -- too much! Even if the contact is sparing. I'll try to do better about that, if you will try also! (wink wink)! See, even now, an ass....

Believe it or not, if you received this e-mail, I am thinking of you, and I wish you much happiness.

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas, or perhaps a Happy Kwanza, or Happy Hanukkah, or a belated Ramadan, or whatever/however you choose to worship or celebrate this holiday season.

Take care all, and may 2003 bring you joy and happiness -- and Britney Spears... oh scratch that... my list only.

oh, and obviously, I apologize, but I apparently can't be brief -- and this likely isn't your "normal" holiday letter -- but what did you expect?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Take care of one another. Seriously, sincerely,


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