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Holiday Letter 2003
by Denny & Ranasha (Howze) Chittick

Greetings from Denny & Ranasha

2003 Christmas
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The year started off with a 10-day visit from my nephew – Sage. While his parents were enjoying a cruise in the Caribbean, I learned what it was like to be a parent! I also kept our niece Kayla for a few days. I say “I’ because Nasha was – as per normal, extremely busy with her activities. The first week of Sage’s visit was the most unproductive, disorganized and tiring week of my life. By the second week I was getting things down to a bit of a system. After the visit was over, I had a true appreciation for why my sisters are constantly late, disorganized, tired and short-tempered. I don’t know what my mother was thinking to have four of us! But I loved the time I had with the kids and wouldn’t trade it for anything!

With the Suns season in full swing through the spring, Nasha kept busy with games, practices, appearances, choreography, mixing music, judging, doing competition routines for schools and fitness competitors. Since there was still time left, she started working full time at a friends Real Estate services company. She soon took over as office manager and completely reorganized their office, much to the delight of my friend.

After spending time creating routines for fitness competitors who couldn’t perform them as well as Nasha, she decided to enter some competitions herself! We went to two, one in Laughlin and one in Vegas. It was a great experience; Nasha did great, top 25 in the country! She also realized that it would be a bigger time and diet commitment than she was willing to give at that point.

If you remember from last year letter, we started building a house in December of 2002. The first few months went slow, and then as spring became summer it started consuming any spare time we had. All of you that have built a house know the experience well. I heard 100 times, “if your marriage can survive building a house, you can survive anything!” Nasha and I never had a problem or even an argument. If I were married to the builder, I would be on death row right now!

Most of you know I’m a bit challenged with colors and admittedly have little skill in décor. We split up the responsibilities along our strengths. I designed the house (with some help from Nasha), the pool and the landscaping. Nasha did everything else! She made all the decisions on the endless list of colors, woods, fixtures…etc.

After much delay, we finally moved in October. It echo’s like the Grand Canyon! The only furniture we have is what I brought from my townhouse. Buying furniture is a long –term project, one that will be slowed by my desire not to spend money! We are enjoying our new home, bouncing ideas off the empty walls on how we want it to be filled.

We made several trips to Idaho to see my family. We spent nearly all the time with my niece and two nephews. They luckily don’t forget us between visits! Now that we have the house project behind us we hope to visit more often and maybe take another international trip!

We hope the New Year brings to you everything that you desire! We loved all your cards and letters.

Best Wishes
Denny & Nasha

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