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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 1997
by Maude Ellen (George) Chittick

Season’s Greetings from Hayden Lake, Idaho, as I hope that this letter finds you well. I have been able to write to many of you, informing you of my new home, but some of you may not be aware that I moved from Manchester this past January to the Sylvan House here near my son, Eldon, and his family. It was difficult leaving my friends and Enid, but it was time for me to let others keep that “eye” on me that my sons have been telling me about.

I arrived here the end of January to a cold and snowy scene, much like the weather I experienced as a child growing up in Woodland, Idaho. My house sold immediately to the brother of my next door neighbor so it was comforting to know it would be in good hands, or at least familiar hands. Much of my belongings are right here with me. I was surprised at how much I was able to keep in the apartment. Some of the larger pieces of furniture went to the kids and grand-kids, and then those items I had never gotten rid of, and should have, were donated.

Since my arrival, I have made many new friends. I share my meal table with three women who keep me abreast of TV specials and activities within the Sylvan House. I also have become quite comfortable with Linda and Free, two of the employees here who take very good care of me. The three of us recently went to a concert at the college near by. I get my hair done twice per month here and sometimes, I even have my feet and hands tended to, which is nice. There are always activities going on, especially around the holidays, so I keep pretty busy when I am able.

For those of you who have not heard, my sister Enid passed away in May. I was saddened to not have been there with her. Arden brought me her bird, Carouso, who sings to me daily; he brightens my day and in a comforting way, allows me to feel Enid’s presence with me at all times.

Enjoying retirement, Arden and Nina spent the Spring in Pennsylvania with their daughter, Kirsten, her husband, Jeff, and their three kids. They went back again in October and are still there, spending the holidays with the kids on their farm out in Bear Lake, Pennsylvania, where they recently relocated due to Jeff’s transfer with the Pennsylvania State Patrol.

Kirsten loves living out in the country, where Cody, Tanner, and Taylor play in the pond and with the animals. The kids love having Arden and Nina there as much as possible. They have even provided them with an apartment over the garage as a more permanent residence.

Kyle has stayed behind to hold down the fort at Bainbridge Island while Arden and Nina are gone. He has recently started his own company called “Chain Reaction,” which creates web sites for companies on-line. I don’t understand it much, but I know he sure enjoys his work. He recently helped Sharla’s company, Touchstone Technologies, put their web site together and she tells me he is very good at what he does.

Sharla is working hard selling software and chasing my great-grandson, Sage, around. He is two now and into everything, especially when he comes to visit “GG,” as he calls me. He loves my candy dish, the bird, and all of my trinkets which are low enough for him to play with. The other tenants enjoy watching him run around the Sylvan House; his energy is endless.

Shawna just completed her CPA exam and awaits those results and tax season to arrive about the same time, while her husband, Brad, works very hard this time of year driving for UPS.

Quilene, who graduated in May from Washington State University, is living in Corvallis, Oregon, working as a banquet manager for the Ramada Inn. She enjoys Oregon, but wishes it was a little closer to home. She did make it up for Thanksgiving which was nice, but will work in Corvallis during Christmas this year. We will miss her.

Denny has recently retired from his work with Insight and now travels and plays the stock market. He has been up to visit us numerous times this year which has been wonderful. His most recent trip was a river rafting trip near Nepal. I am so thankful that I did so much traveling myself before I was no longer able. I always encourage the kids to take lots of pictures and notes as they travel so the memories are never lost.

My travel now consists of going to the doctor, chiropractor (Sharla’s boyfriend, Dan), dinner with the kids, and any family functions we may have. The kids have also gotten me out to a few plays including “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” and “South Pacific” which were both fabulous, as well as a concert by the Air Force Band which was very entertaining. For my 87th birthday this year, they presented me with season tickets to the Spokane Symphony, so I am sure there is much more travel and excitement to be done.

I have been quite healthy this year. Colds come and go, medications change, and energy goes down and then up again. I am thankful for my quick recoveries and the support of my family. I pray you are all well and enjoy the experience of the beauty of Christmas and the excitement of the New Year! Keep in touch; I always enjoy hearing from my friends.

Love, Maude

Christmas Time is Friendship Time
At Chirstmas time our hearts reach out to friends we think of dearly.
And checking through our Friendship lists, as all of us do yearly,
We stop a while to reminisce and to pleasantly review
Happy little happenings and things we used to do.
And though we’ve been too busy to keep in touch all year,
We send a Christmas greeting at this season of GOOD CHEER.
So Christmas is a “lovely link” between old years and new
That keeps the “Bond of Friendship” forever unbroken and true.
--Helen Steiner Rice

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