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The Chittick Family History
as written by Erminda (Chittick) Rentoul
1890 The Lodge, Cliftonville, Belfast. Ireland

Amazing detail about the originations and lineage of the Chittick family name. Dates go back to the Norman Invasion in 1086. View the story as a whole, or view by sections below. Some genealogical charts included.

A segmentation of the book "History of William Gervaise Squire Chittick", detailing the chittick family history and lineage.
From Chideock to Chittick - Our name and it's origins, changes over
time. From Chideock, England to Fermangh Co., Ireland.
The Blennerhassetts - Descent from the Blennerhassets
The Squires of Essex - Descent of our author, Erminda Chittick, from
the Squires of Essex, England.
The Earldom of Derby - the Stanley/Chideock connection
The Barons of Audley - connection from family Touchet
The Robertsons of Strowan - connection to Highland Clan
Marquess of Annandale - one of our matriarchs
Sandys of Omerbsleigh - sheriffs from time of James I
The Hume Line - connected from Blennerhassetts
The Colquhoun & Luss Families - connected from Blennerhassetts
Funerals of Montrose - hung and beheaded story
1890s letter from James Alexander Rentoul - lineage from Henry
VIIth, written to James Chittick, his cousin.
1890s poem about the Chittick History - 1890s letter to Erminda
(Chittick) Rentoul, from William Gervais Chittick

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