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December 2003
by Brad & Shawna (Chittick) Heuer

Snow fun with Allie and Thaden!
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Happy Holidays to you All! The photo of the kids is from our big snowfall last week. We had another busy year, as I assume the rest will be with young kids. We had one huge surprise and some family ‘moves’ to share with you. Brad is still with UPS, working harder than ever, but enjoying his time off and looking forward to snowmobile season fast approaching. I continue to work part time while trying to organize our little house with two messy kids.

Brad’s Dad, Denny; who had a terrible motorcycle accident last fall, returned to work in April, 7 months after his near death experience. He went through endless hours of therapy and has surprised even his surgeon with his recovery. He isn’t 100%, but feels and looks great. The kids were happy to crawl onto his lap again.

Thad turned one in April with a small party and lots of cake. He started walking shortly after and now proceeds to run everywhere he goes. He has followed in Ally’s footsteps in regards to constant ear infections and a mouth full of teeth. In March, he had minor surgery for tubes to be placed in his ears after months of ear infections. What a positive change we saw, once he started sleeping better, plus mommy and daddy were happier too. His ear infections ended and now he just has bumps and bruises from being a fearless boy.

We took a much-needed family vacation the middle of May and drove to the Oregon Coast. We stayed in a condo near the beach and played in the sand nearly every day. We had spectacular weather, sunny and 70 degrees and the kids thoroughly enjoyed playing in the sand for hours. We were able to see a few friends, and Quilene and Egan before heading home for Ally’s birthday.

Over Memorial Day Weekend we celebrated Ally’s 4th Birthday with family here at the house. It was very warm, so we had an outdoor party and enjoyed the day. Summer began and the heat didn’t leave until October! Ally has been a great big sister to Thad and they play together very well. They both spent many hours outside on the swing-set, in the wagon and going for walks around our property. They played in the sprinkler and swimming pool often and ate more Popsicle’s than I ever thought possible.

Shortly after our vacation in Oregon, I wasn’t feeling “quite right” so I went to see my doctor. He confirmed my suspicions and told me I was 6 weeks pregnant with baby number 3! Considering I had my tubes tied after Thad was born, I was more than shocked. Brad and I ‘freaked out’ for a good two weeks before coming to terms with it and starting to make plans for another baby. Our car was too small, our house was too small, and I wouldn’t be returning to work full time with three kids under 5 years old, so hence the planning began. We wanted to prepare the kids, so we found out that this little one is a boy, due January 15th, 2004. We have told the kids that he won’t arrive until after Santa comes. Ally has asked if this one will pull her hair and scratch her face, like Thad? We answer, “not to begin with,” and hope we are correct. Obviously, we were meant to have three children; our families are very excited. We all assume this one will look like the other two, considering Thad is a clone of Ally, just with a boyish hairline! This pregnancy has been, by far, the best of the three, with only occasional sickness and no major problems yet – I have 6 weeks to go!
Hey, what about me!
Sean Michael Heuer is born Jan. 12th, 2004
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Within our family, it was a ‘moving’ year. Brad’s sister, Jill, daughter Paige, and her husband Jeff, built and moved into a new home in West Spokane. They are settled now and enjoying their new larger home. Denny and Ranasha built and moved into a new home south of Phoenix, in Chandler this past month. We are anxious to go visit, not sure how flying with three little ones will be. Quilene and Egan bought a new house in Bend and moved in May. They are happy homeowners and ready for family visitors. Sharla, Jimmy and Sage are the only family that didn’t move. They were busy with baseball and soccer this summer, and now Sage is enjoying 3rd grade.

We hope this letter finds you healthy and happy and ready for the holidays. Our best wishes to you and your family.

Brad, Shawna, Ally and Thad

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