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Below are listed folks who've commited their time and efforts towards making this Web site an informative, entertaining experience. Many more have submitted their information, collateral and helped flush out the genealogical, and historical portions. Thanks go out to all!

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1977 Here Denny & Kyle, demonstrate the fruits of another successful project.
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Denny Jeff Chittick | view profile

Ringleader behind the extensive genealogical information available on this site. He's been pounding the Internet, e-mail,and the phones attempting to complete the puzzle that is the Chittick expansion across the globe.

Kyle Chittick | view profile

Kyle is using his Web development skills, that have attrophied since he became a project manager at the jathai group in Seattle. Presently the Web site is his baby with exception to the family tree portion which is Denny's, and is at for the present.

1926 Age 16
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Maude Ellen (George) Chittick | view profile

Although our grandmother passed before we started this effort, we owe her huge thanks for both inspiration, and for leaving behind so many good records and photographs for us to use on our quest. We miss her deeply, but know she's watching.

Her two boys (our fathers), and their wives (our mothers) have saved things well and will also be invaluable towards gathering stories from the past and filling in the information gaps within our immediate family tree.

So Many Others

Thanks to, these and many others for their help and information up to date:

Maggie Bedecarre
Jo Ann Bloodgood
Arden Chittick
Barr Chittick
Carlene (Gorman) Chittick
Clinton Chittick
Denny Chittick
Eldon Chittick
J. Robert Chittick
James L. Chittick
Jim Chittick
John & Lisa Chittick
Kirsten Chittick
Maude Ellen (George) Chittick
Nina (Sørensen) Chittick
Roy Chittick
Woody Chittick
Jeffrey Fike
Diane Fitzgerald
Robyn Fleming
Nita Fraser
Brad & Shawna (Chittick) Heuer
Nancy Larsen
Angela Loope
Jennifer Madamba
Leslie & Mike Newman
George Poole
Betty Roberts
Gloria Shifflet
Bill & Roy Scott Taylor
Tanya Webster

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