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Denny Jeff Chittick

2000 The man himself

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2000 Honeymoon shot of the happy couple in Australia.
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2001 Traveling abroad. Some new fiends in Galapagos.
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January 10th, 1968 | Edmonton. Canada.

Eldon Vern Chittick
Carlene Freda (Gorman) Chittick

Ranasha Dawn Howze (9.16.2000 | Tempe, AZ)

Earliest Linked Ancestor:
Father | Hugh Chittick (b1829)
Mother | Bose Gorman (b(c)1875)

Chittick Line:
Ireland -> United States
Direct, son of Eldon Vern Chittick

The Story:
Denny was born at 4:30am during a typical winter in a Chinook, in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. His dad, Eldon Vern Chittick, said he slid all the way to the hospital. Denny joined one older sister Sharla, and later, 2 more sisters (Shawna & Quilene) joined the family.

They lived in Canada until the early 70's and then moved to Southern Idaho. They lived in Blackfoot for seven years and then ventured to North Idaho, specifically, Coeur d' Alene.

Denny went through gradeschool and high school while playing all sports, as did his siblings. He also was always working; mowing lawns, shoveling snow, or as a bus boy at the Osprey Restaurant on the Spokane River.

Always anxious to grow up and move on, Denny graduated high school early and moved to Tempe, AZ, two weeks after his 18th birtday. Denny went to ASU and graduated with a degree in Finance.

While going to college Denny started working at 10 man computer operation. Over 10 years it grew in to a billion dollar fortune 500 company called Insight Enterprises Inc. Denny started shipping hard drives and moved around until he left as the Senior Vice President and CIO.

Denny took a few years off traveling around the world and doing adventure trips. Denny visited some 40 countries and enjoyed such activities as mountain climbing, hang gliding,white water rafting, bungie jumping, parasailing, anything to raise his adreniline a bit.

Denny finally met the girl of his dreams right here in AZ, Ranasha Dawn Howze. They married Sept 16, 2000 in Tempe. They then spent 6 weeks traveling around the world.

They started in Sydney and went to the 2000 Summer Olympics, then to the great barrier reef, Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and finished in Paris.

Needing something to keep himself busy while being married, Denny started DenSco Investment Corp.
It's an investment finance company.


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