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Kyle Chittick

2000 Visting Couer D'alene for cuz Sharla's wedding.

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March 25, 1967 | San Mateo, CA

Arden Boone Chittick
Nina (Sorensen) Chittick

Earliest Linked Ancestor:
Father | Hugh Chittick (b1829)
Mother | Max Thomas Anker Sorensen (b1898)

Chittick Line:
Ireland -> United States
Direct, son of Arden Boone Chittick

The Story:
Kyle was adopted by Arden Boone & Nina (Sorensen) Chittick in San Mateo, CA. in 1967.

In late 1969, a sister, Kirsten, was added, also via adoption in Kodiak, AK. Being a military family, they moved around alot; San Mateo, CA, Kodiak, AK, Governors Island, NY, Silver Springs, MD.

Eventually the family settled in the Seattle, WA area when Kyle was 10. They lived with his grandmother Maude Ellen (George) Chittick, in Port Orchard, and then on to their permanent home of Bainbridge Island, WA.

Kyle grew up playing soccer, collecting baseball cards, writing, listening to great music, working on cars, and even spent 3 years as a Boy Scout.

Kyle graduated Bainbridge High School in 1985, and moved on to Washington State University. At WSU, Kyle mostly excelled at drinking and playing pool. Thus the college career stalled after one year, while he went back home, and into the workforce.

After several years at the Marine Exchange of Puget Sound as a dispatcher, he moved on to a supposed short-term fishing venture to Alaska. Many wonderful times ensued, and so many experiences.

9 years later, he re-entered College, via North Seattle Community College, and embarked on a multimedia technology program.

Upon completion, Kyle and a friend started a Web business, but weren't prepared, and/or ready to make a serious run at it. Using this mainly for job training and experience, the journey was fruitful.

Kyle put down his entreprenurial hat and went to work for various technology companies, such as Microsoft, Cole & Webber Advertising, US West Creative Services, and the Jathai Group. He succesfully climbed the ladder from developer to manager, and grew tremendously from these experiences.

Kyle is currently working on various Internet endeavors, one of which being

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