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submitting material

"Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

How can you participate in this effort?

We're sure glad you asked! We welcome all material that will help us build the Chittick family history.
Submitting genealogical information
Submitting stories, photographs, or documents
Submitting video for display

Submitting genealogical information:
Presently Denny Chittick is taking the lead on gathering, compiling, sorting and presentation of the genealogical history of the Chitticks and their related lines. You can view the tree by clicking here.

Communicate with Denny via e-mail at

Submitting stories, photographs, or documents:
This section of the site is being handled by myself, Kyle Chittick. There are number of things to think about before sending material for portrayal on the site.

1) First of all, always make copies if you can. I will obviously try and save everything sent to me, and send it back. But, you shouldn't trust that, or the mail carriers with you precious family items.

2) It's best to send me digital files. Meaning scan those photos in, or type those stories/letter/documents in Word and send them that way. If you send physical items, I can handle the digitizing, but this takes longer of course.

3) Think about what you're sending me in relation to the site. Where should it go on the site? What verbiage should accompany the material you're sending me?

Send me e-mail at to talk about it, or to just send things along.

My physical address for you to send items to is:
Kyle Chittick
3222-A 21st Ave W
Seattle, WA 98199

Submitting video for display:
Here's how you could submit yours:

Realize that this is a wish list, and whatever you could do to get most of them, the better off the process works.

Before you get started:

1. If you can, print this e-mail

2. Get your stuff on VHS (regular video tape, like you rent at the store). By chance if you've got it on CD or DVD, that's preferable.

3. Make a copy. You should keep your original.

4. Make absolutley sure you follow step #3 :-)

You've got your copied video and you're ready to rock:

1. place it in the vcr

2. rewind to the beginning

3. set the tracking counter to all zeros

4. before you get rolling, realize that video on the Web can be arduous to download for folks with modems. You may know of this phenomenea. (pssst. get dsl, cable or satellite, you won't ever regret it). So you it's a good idea to keep video clips to 1-3 minutes or so. Think about moments, rather than entire events.

5. start watching the video

6. jot down #'s of places on the video that you think would be good to put on the Web.

7. take your time and watch the whole thing

8. now rewind, and go back to the first place you marked and think about either a 1-3 minute clip you'd like OR a serious of such.

9. now get focused. write down the exact video position of the beginning and ending places for your clip.

10. the pause button will be helpful, as well as holding the play button while you press rewind and fast forward.

11. repeat this process until you have it all down on paper OR better yet, write using your computer so it will be easy to send to me.


1. It would be best if you had some verbiage to go with your clips. Cast, Plot, etc. Be as verbose as you need to be.

2. You can send the written paper along with the copy of your video tape to me in Seattle. Or e-mail the clip list. I should have your e-mail address as well, so I can send you the link when I have your clip up on the site.

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