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Arden Boone Chittick & Nina (Sørensen) Chittick
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Arden Boone Chittick married Nina Sorensen in 1960, and they went on to adopt two children, Kyle and Kirsten independently in 1967 and 1969.

1967 Arden, his Grandma Lydia holding Kyle & Nina
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1967 New Parents with their new baby Kyle.
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1967 Christmas in San Mateo, California.
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1969 Manchester, WA.
Arden & Eldon families
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1971 Governors Island, NYK
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1974 Maude's Place, Manchester, WA.
"4 generations"
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1974 at Grandmas
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1988 Bainbridge Island, WA with Tigger
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2000 Sharla's Wedding
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