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McCall, Idaho. USA (Warren Summit)
November 13, 2002

The connection:
My uncle, Eldon Vern Chittick, wrote me this e-mail about his adventures snowmobiling near McCall, Idaho -- one of the spots his grandparents (cousins, and more) stopped, on their covered wagon migration from Kansas to Idaho in 1895.

We've snowmobiled around McCall, Idaho about 4 times. This last year I decided to take some pictures, because this is the area where the Sanders, Kenworthys and Georges came through via covered wagon train in the middle of July, 1895.

Warren Summit, snow anyone?
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Warren Summit is just 5 miles east of the logging village of Warren, which is 25 miles due north of Payette lake and McCall. In 1895, McCall didn't exist, I guess, but the lake did. They came over this summit from the road on the right on their way west to Bergdorf Hotsprings, which is about 15 miles west of the summit. They had just come up from the south at Payette Lake. Close-up of the sign...they came from the right, from South Fork G. S...10 miles.

This place used to be a favorite gathering place for the Indians in the 1800's. Anyway, our family stopped here for a day or so, before heading north to Grangeville and Kamiah. Interesting, It may have been the only bath they all had taken for weeks. Ha !!!

So there it is. Hope you can figure out a way to use these pictures and my explanation. EC

Bergdorf Settlement.
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The "old" hotel
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Bergdorf settlement.
These two cabins, left front, were built and used sometime in the late 1890's, according to the current owners, so they were probably there when our family came through here. They're condemned and unoccupied now and have been for years

This is the old "Hotel"...same vintage...currently not used, but present owners of property evidently are thinking of refurbishing it to be used as a B & B during the summer months.

Current Office Building
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The "Pool"
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Current Office building along side the hotsprings pool. I think they charge $2.00 per person.

The "Pool"...temp about 101 degrees. On the far right of the picture you can just see the slanted metal roof, about 8 feet tall, extending toward the pool. Under that is the really hot pool, about 6 feet square. It runs about 112 degrees consistently........ almost unbearable.... and it's been running out of the ground that way for over 150 years, according to the owners.

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