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Fermanagh County. N. Ireland.

The connection:
The story goes that a John Chideock, who was a direct descendant of Henry VII, came from England to Fermanagh County Ireland around 1600. His son, Henry, started writing the name as Chittick, as that was closest to the way the people in Fermanagh pronounced the name.

Our direct ancestor Hugh Chittick, was born in Fermanagh County, Ireland as were many Chitticks. We haven't been able to make our connection to Henry or John as of yet, but it's there somewhere.

Hugh came across the pond, as did others, to come to live in America during the Potato Famine during the mid-1800's in Ireland. Same came to America & Canada, only to continue their travels to Australia, and New Zealand, among other ports of call.

View the descendancy chart from Henry VII, King of England, to the Fermanagh Chitticks.
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This story from the early 1800's is of a historic duel, involving Chitticks in Fermanagh, Ireland.
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Tell me about it:

The area around Lower Lough Erne boasts a rich combination of natural and historic sights. From pre-Christian times, settlers sought the security offered by the lake's forests and inlets. Exploring Lough Erne by land or by boat is a delightful experience. In summer, ferries serve several islands and cruisers are available to hire. The limestone hills of west Fermanagh contain many interesting cave systems. Explore this delightful county at your leisure, stopping off in one of the many welcoming towns and villages.

Enniskillen Castle

Enniskillen, County Fermanagh
The most remarkable natural feature in County Fermanagh is the River Erne, which winds through the centre of the county. It expands into an extensive, island-studded lake split into two parts - Upper and Lower Lough Erne - by the town of Enniskillen.

This bustling regional centre boasts a great range of shops and pubs, but still manages to retain a sense of traditional charm and character. Enniskillen's location between the two lochs gives it an almost continental feel. Spectacular Enniskillen Castle was once the stronghold of the Maguire chieftains, and later became an army barracks.

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