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Couer D'Alene, Idaho. USA.

The connection:
Eldon Vern & Carlene Freda (Gorman) Chittick moved their family here in the early 1970's to start his new physchology practice. Their children went through school there before continuing on with their lives, although some still remain in the area. Eldon & Carlene still live there and look to be long-time residents in Cougar Gulch.

Tell me about it:

Fourth of July, near the lake and the hotel.
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Coeur d’Alene enjoys a rich history. Fort Sherman, around which a young Coeur d’Alene grew, was established in 1878. When gold was discovered on Prichard Creek in 1883, many settlers arrived in the area. Steamboat traffic began to flourish on Lake Coeur d’Alene in 1889 when lakes and rivers were used to move supplies to mining and lumber camps. Area waterways were also used to transport logs to mills. The city became a popular tourist destination when electric trains brought residents of Spokane, Washington to enjoy the parks, beaches, and excursion boa ts.

Today, Coeur d’Alene is a world-class resort city where everyone is welcome! Visitors from all over the world enjoy its beautiful green forests, sparkling lakes, its nationally recognized golf course, mountain sports, and other outdoor recreation.

If you’ve ever driven into Coeur d’Alene, from the north or the south, you’ve seen the largest city in North Idaho and some of the prettiest lake country in the world. The weather is moderate, and the lush, forested landscape must be seen to be appreciated.

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