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John William Chittick

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submitted by Maggie Bedecarre, 2001

The Story:
Our uncle was John William Chittick. He was killed in Normandy, France during World War II and is now buried at the Beverly National Cemetery in New Jersey.

He was born in Philadelphia and his parents were John Chittick and Margaret Keebler Chittick. I believe he was born on September 29, 1914. He was a First
Lieutenant in the US Army and he was killed in action on 30 July 1944 in Villebaudon, France.

His two sisters were Margaret Anna Chittick (my mother) and Jean Chittick (deceased). Uncle Jack served with the famous 29th Infantry Division in
World War II that landed on Omaha Beach. (Ironically, there were two 1st LT Chitticks in the 29th Division who were killed in action. James Chittick was also
killed and his wife is still living.)

John William Chittick was killed in action, June 30th, 1944 | Normandy, France.

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