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David John Chittick

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The Story:
I served 11 years in the US Air Force; this picture was taken in 1984 at Grissom AFB, Ind.; I was in leadership school at the time. I also served two tours of duty at Wurtsimth AFB, MI, January 1982 - 1984 and then again 1988 - December 1992. I also served a four year tour of duty at Zweibrucken AFB, Germany from 1984 - 1988.

Prior to my US Air Force duty I also served four years in the US Army, three of those years at FT. Campbell, Ky. with the 1st of the 502nd infantry, 101st Airborne (Air Assault) 1975 - 1978; and one year in Greece with the 37th USAAD in 1979.

01/30/2009 by David John Chittick

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