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Arden Boone Chittick
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1955 First jet ride as an Air Force ROTC Cadet at the College of Puget Sound
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The Story:
From the first grade on, Arden wanted to fly. In his high school Freshman year, he submitted a term paper on careers which highlighted his desire to be a military aviator. He arrived at the College of Puget Sound, after graduating from South Kitsap HS, and was very pleased to find the U.S. Air Force ROTC program there. In his sophomore year, Arden was selected as a Cadet of the Month, and awarded a jet ride out of McChord AFB. Later that year, a U.S. Navy pilot and a U.S. Marine Corps pilot visited the campus recruiting Naval Aviator prospects. That cinched it!

Having to scrimp on limited funds and working several part-time jobs while maintaining his studies, the decision to move on was simple. Upon completion of his second year of study, he enlisted as was accepted as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps and pinned on his Naval Aviator wings.

During his eight years in the Marines, he served with two fighter/attack squadrons in the U.S. and Far East, including duty aboard the aircraft carriers USS Coral Sea and USS Midway. Counting flight training, he qualified in nine different single-engine aircraft. Just before completion of his Marine Corps service, due to knee surgery, Arden spent short tours as a Captain with the 3rd Armored Amtrac Battalion of the 1st Marine Division, and 5th Howitzer Battery. After his Marine Corps service, Arden returned to Washington State University to complete his Bachelor of Science.

With a degree in hand, and a fully recovered knee, Arden was accepted into the Direct Commissioned Aviator Program of the U.S. Coast Guard. He rapidly qualified as an Aircraft Commander in teh HU16E "Albatross" twin-engine seaplane and the HC130 "Hercules" four-engine transport, flying medium and long range search and rescue and logistics missions.

In addition to air station tours in San Francisco, CA and Kodiak, AK, his Coast Guard service included a tour as XO/Navigator on the icebreaker CGC "Storis", operating in the Bering Sea and Arctic waters. These naval-centric tours were the result of Arden's failing of his flight eyesight exam. Alas, Arden was grounded.

1970 LT Commander, Port Security Branch Chief at Headquarters USCG
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After the Alaskan tours, Arden then served as Chief of Law Enforcement for the CG Captain of the Port, New York City, NY. The following tour of duty took him to Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington D.C. where he served as Port Security Branch Chief, in the Port Safety & Law Enforcement Division. During this tour, he also served as an advisor representing the CG Commandant to the Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization of the United Nations in London, on the "Carriage of Dangerous Goods" Subcommittee. Arden's final tour of duty prior to retirement was served back in his home state as XO, then Captain of the Port of Seattle, and finally as Commanding Officer of Group Seattle.

During these demanding but exciting twenty-four years of service, he received numerous awards, commendations and citations. The military training and education received throughout was extensive, and covered aviation, surface operations, law enforcement and intelligence. He retired in Seattle, WA in 1979 as a Commander.

1956 Home on leave as Aviation Cadet between Primary & Basic Flight Schools
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1958 Brand new 2nd "Balloon" LT w/ wings
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1958, VMA 324 Squadron
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1959 August, in his A4
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1962 Manchester, ready to go!
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1965 USS Coral Sea CVA-43
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1978 Change of Command ceremony in Seattle, WA to assume duties as Captain of the Port & C.O. of Port Safety
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