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Welcome to our video archive. These movie clips will be large in size (from 7-10MB) and will at times be tedious to download via a regular modem. Stay with it, to see some videos from the past. Although, trust me, the internet is most assuredly BETTER with DSL or a cable modem. Don't take my word for it!

You may want to download these videos to your computer by using "save target as" or "save link as" for PC/MAC, available with a right-click or click-and-hold with your mouse. Then you can download the clip while you continue to surf, albeit slowly. Once on your computer, you can view as often as you like with no further downloading necessary.
Arden Boone & Nina (Sorensen) Chittick Family:
1969 Christmas Kyle w/ Nina
1970 Kirsten (4 wks) Kirsten, Kyle w/ David Malcom & others
1970 Kirsten's Christening Kirsten, Kyle, Arden Boone, Nina
  (Sorensen), & Maude Ellen (George) Chittick, and Lydia Catherine
  (Sanders) George.
1970 Kirsten in the Buggy Chair Kirsten w/ Kyle & Nina
1970 Kyle's Birthday Kyle w/ cast
1971 Halloween Kirsten, Kyle
1971 Christmas Eve Kirsten, Kyle w/ Nina
1971 Christmas Day Kirsten, Kyle w/ Nina

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