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Hot off the presses, you must view the Chittick Family Lines that we recently have made available after receiving so much valuable information from everyone. Go see where you fit in and whether or not you can help us continue to bring our family into focus.

Chittick Family Lines:
Due to all the wonderful extensive communication that we have received from people just like you, we have put together what we currently know as the various 17 Chittick family lines. Everything changes with time and research of course. Go see if you can find your family line and help us with your information.

With your help we successfully merged 2 family lines earlier this year. Help us piece the puzzle together!
View the Chittick Family Lines here

As time goes by, we will accumulate various genealogical collateral here, with which we intend to put together the pieces of the chittick family jigsaw puzzle. If you're on the same hunt, perhaps share your research with us -- or use ours, and save some time.
Claude Chittick Family - History of Wetonka, SD (c1914)
Griffith's Valuation of Ireland 1848-1864 (Chitticks in 3 counties)

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