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Welcome to the "downloads" section of For now we'll start with some PC-only screensavers for your viewing pleasure. The files are .exe files, but are packaged within .zip files. If you need help opening any of these files, please let me know, so I can help you.

Screen Savers:
PC-only screensavers are here. Files are approximately 1.4mb-1.8mb each, so that may take a minute or two for you folks, who are still subject to a "dial-up" connection.
Alicia "Ally" Quilene Heuer (photos from birth to 2 years)
Chittick Kids (kid shots, brothers, sisters, portraits, more)
Chittick Families (group family selections, from the past and present)
Chittick Family Portraits (select shots w/ posing family members)

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